Recipe for CCC Tairora on AeroPress

This coffee is wonderfully soft and sweet. And It’s strongest showing to date is a little aged through the nel-drip. But with the younger version around we’re trying this recipe:

1. Rinse your paper filter
2. Use 19 grams of Tairora, grind should be medium-fine.
3. Put coffee into inverted AeroPress (make sure to use the provided funnel to keep the grounds out of the groove wherein the filter will sit)
4. Pour 200grams of 190 degree water over the coffee
5. Stir gently and let steep for 45 seconds
6. Push the bloom down gently and top to 270grams water
6. Tighten filter into place (make sure the filter is tightened)
8. Carefully turn AeroPress right side up and set onto vessel to press into (we use a wide mouthed mason jar)
9. At 60 seconds begin pressing the brew
10. Stopping pressing when you hear the small hissing sound (1 min 30 seconds total time)

Let cool and enjoy!