AeroPress Recipe for Buziraguhindwa

This coffee is big sweet and juicy, when dialed in just right its got some Jolly Rancher in there. We like it a little cooler and a little quicker, but dial the grind in until you catch a little bite then back off, that is make your next brew with a touch coarser grind; you really want to get a full extraction to unpack all the goods:

1. Rinse your paper filter
2. preheat the aeropress inverted, then prior to putting grinds into the press, screw pre-wet filter in place flip over decanter and press the hot water through.
2. Use 18 grams of Buzi, grind should be medium-fine but adjust to taste. If sour, fine the grind, if bitter, coarsen.
3. Put ground coffee into inverted AeroPress (make sure to use the provided funnel to keep the grounds out of the groove wherein the filter will sit)
4. Start timer and pour to the (1) with 195 degree water.
5. Stir North East South West making sure there are no dry clumps hiding from infusion.
6. At 45 seconds press the bloom down gently and top aeropress with 195 degree water
6. Tighten filter into place (make sure the filter is tightened)
8. Carefully turn AeroPress right side up and set onto vessel to press into decanter.
9. At 60 seconds begin pressing the brew
10. Stopping pressing when you hear the small hissing sound (1 min 30 seconds total time)

Let cool and enjoy!