An independent coffee house dedicated to serving thoughtful, crafted, delicious coffee. We roast under the name Apes & Peacocks and pull our Cornet blend from our Mirage lever-operated espresso machine, and we showcase our Apes & Peacocks coffees on AeroPress or Kalita Wave pour over at our slow bar.

I started in coffee as a roaster, 20 years ago. Did that and built furniture on the side working my way through school. I’ve teeter-tottered between crafts ever since, until Deb and I settled down and designed and built Underline Coffee from the ground up.

Debra, my partner and wife, has been making, studying, or selling art for over 20 years. She is the director at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, located down the block on the 6th floor of the 529 Arts building.

We’re inspired by those small moments¬†in which¬†people connect, and in a city defined by the hub-bub, we work to provide fuel while offering respite as well.
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