Sum Sum Summertime

And by that I mean the sum of a lot of things we’ve been working on for the past year! We have a new service on the menu that we’re tentatively calling “Taste The Wheel” (name is in beta) but the concept is we serve you a delicious cup of coffee, in a beautifully handcrafted mug, on a pretty sweet tray (made by the boss) and we set you up with tasting notes derived from the SCAA Taster’s Wheel (more to come on that) and bits of fruit and scents that we hope you’ll try and discover in the flavors of the coffee. We have our signature beverages: Pepper Shaker, Chelsea, and The Fizz. for descriptions, swing on in or wait for the menu I’m cobbling together right now! We’re also building a small park, and we’ve begun early stages of sourcing and roasting our own coffee. What’s a summer break?